Nordic magic

Organic rye and oat bread are naturally healthy, environmentally friendly, not to mention delicious. Wellbeing is baked into the bread. Finland grows the world’s best-quality oats and rye!

We are proud to state that growing conditions in Finland cultivate oats and rye in a truly unique way. The short and bright summer season and the cold, harsh winter combined with our clean nature – this is the recipe for pure and truly delicious Finnish oats and rye. Finland’s clean soil and farming practices that involve fewer pesticides and fertilisers guarantees the best quality. These growing conditions cannot be replicated elsewhere in the world.


Wellbeing is a megatrend

Wellbeing is a megatrend in the world – Primula organic whole grain sliced thins of oat or rye offer a tasty option to the bread market, for example for breakfast. They are also an easy option for grab and go!

Bakery Primula’s naturally healthy and delicious sliced thins are made from Finnish organic 100% whole grain oats and rye – totally without wheat. The nutritional composition of both oats and rye are well-balanced. They are a good source of carbohydrates and fibre and have been linked to several potential health benefits, including better blood sugar control and improved heart and digestive health. Oats is a gentle alternative for the gut and it is rich on beta-glucan fibre

Best of breakfast

These breads are a great option for consumers who:

  • are interested in wellbeing – the bread is very healthy
  • appreciate indulgence – the bread is stylish and delicious
  • appreciate individualism – want to taste something new

Primula’s environmentally friendly, naturally healthy and delicious organic sliced thins are a great option to start your day! Both oats and rye are rich in protein and fibre and help you to feel satiated for longer. Oats and rye also nourish and restore healthy intestinal bacterial flora and are a healthy part of your everyday diet. Primula’s Finnish organic 100% rye bread has a darker colour and stronger, earthier taste than regularwhite and wheat bread. Primula’s Finnish organic 100% oat bread with a naturally smooth and creamy taste is a gentler alternative for the gut – oats are a gentler source of digestive fibre in comparison to some other grains.

Designed for sale at retailers’ in-store bakeries

Naturally pure environmentally friendly, healthy and tasty Finnish bread option to the bake off -market. Quick and easy to use. Package size is optimized for a baking tray. Bake for just a few minutes in the oven- freshly baked bread 24/7!

Finnish organic 100% oat bread

96x70g, pre-baked, frozen

  • Made from Finnish organic 100% oat – no wheat
  • Made from whole grain oats
  • Naturally smooth and creamy taste
  • Moist texture inside, crusty on the outside
  • Excellent health benefits and great taste

Finnish organic 100% rye bread

96x80g, pre-baked, frozen

  • Made from Finnish organic 100% rye – no wheat
  • Dark rye bread – made from whole grain rye
  • Bold Finnish taste of traditional sourdough and rye
  • Moist texture inside, crusty on the outside
  • Excellent health benefits and great taste

About us

Bakery Primula Ltd. is a modern Finnish bakery located in Järvenpää, 40 km from Helsinki. Our calling is delicious bread, all the way from 1908. We believe that when you follow your calling, you can become the best at what you are doing – and we have become excellent, modern artisan bakers. Primula bake approx. 40 million organic sliced thins of Finnish oat and rye per year. These Bake off -thins are baked and sold by the retailers’ in-store bakeries. We are a market leader in this industry in Finland. We are also experienced exporters, 30% of our sales come from exports to Europe.

Primula have long experience in using and baking with Finnish organic 100% oats and rye. Primula has been baking oat and rye bread for more than a century and Primula bakery is both efficient and has high-quality (BRCGS Food Safety certification in autumn 2023, previously IFS Food certificate). The automated production process in use at Primula factory is cost-effective and extremely agile. For these reasons we can offer an interesting combination of competitive products for competitive prices.

Satu Kandolin

Commercial and Category manager

Marika Härme

Quality manager